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Radsen is the top 10 manufacturer of major brand grinder tool accessories

Radsen is a professional and experienced diamond tools manufacturer since 2006. We provide a variety of diamond tools and accessories suitable for major brands of machine grinders, such as Husqvarna, Klindex, Lavina, STI, Premaster, Werkmaster, Terrco, HTC, EDCO, PHX, Diamatic, SASE,etc,. After over 15 years research and development, Radsen creates a wide variety of concrete polishing tools for your concrete needs at the best prices. We have polishing tools to fit all major grinder models,include resin polishing pads, metal grinding tools, Cup Wheels, PCD Tools,Scanmaskin,Bush Hammer Rollers,Diamond Abrasive Brushes, Small Diameter Saw Blades and much more. Radsen concrete tools is your best choice for floor preparation and concrete polishing.

Husqvarna provide polishing grinders and tools for concrete, granite, marble, stone polishing,they could be used in wet and dry polishing. Husqvarna develop a wide range of diamond polishing tools that are including but not limited to; granite polishing pads, marble polishing pads, concrete polishing pads, husqvarna grinding shoes, diamond floor pads, diamond sanding discs, terrazzo polishing pads, wet polishing pads, dry polishing pads, resin pads, grinding pads, stone pads, travertine polishing pads, and much more!

Klindex designs floor machines, equipment, products to grinding, polishing, restoration, cleaning any kind of floor or surface.The Klindex system are also to grind and to polish marble, granite and concrete as well.

LAVINA equipment designed for terrazzo floor polishing and concrete polishing,the tools are used for floor grinding, floor leveling, removing mastics, epoxies and other coatings, as well as polishing.

STI&Premaster for concrete polish, floor polishing, floor preparation,
easily adapt to different grinding and polishing conditions for concrete, terrazzo, marble and stone applications,so as to achieve floor surface care.

Werkmaster use the polish & refinish tools on concrete, hardwood, decks, terrazzo, stone, and VCT tile. Excellent for concrete edging, grinding, polishing and surface prep.

Terrco is for concrete polishing, glue removal and mastic removal which equipped to help all your terrazzo, concrete polishing and removal applications with equipment for grinding, polishing, densifying, dyeing and sealing your floors.

HTC tools are constantly being developed to meet our customers’ requirements for efficient concrete grinding. PCD tools are excellent for epoxy removal and paint removal,PCD is specifically designed for non-ferrous and non-metallic machining.

EDCO carry a large selection of metal diamond tools,metal grinding plate,grinding tools for concrete polishing,diamond drill bits,diamond grinding discs,diamond blades,diamond files etc.It is widely used in construction, civil engineering, stone processing, transportation industry and other modern high-tech areas.

PHX is the concrete tools manufacture to provide concrete polishing tools and polished concrete serves,especially professional in maintaining polished concrete.We bring you a comprehensive variety of concrete polishing pads ,Our selection of polishing pads is made to deliver longevity and superior performance, which includes resin pads, transitional pads, velcro spacers, burnishing pads, and foam back pads. They could easily attach to powerful floor grinders/ polishers and hand grinders to produce a professional finish.

Diamatic corp. is a leader in concrete polishing which develop a wide range of diamond tools to deal with various flooring including ceramics, linoleum, vinyl, carpet, adhesives, glue and tiles. They can work with any type of polished concrete surface and specified level of sheen.

Cup wheels are diamond segmented grinding tools that used to profile hard surfaces, remove adhesives, coatings and thin-set aggressively. The cup grinding wheel can be used to grind concrete floors, granite, quartz surface, stoneand terrazzo. These grinding tools are diamond impregnated with fast wet and dry grinding applications.

Resin bond polishing Tools have been specially developed to suit all purposes, ranging from grinding/polishing of concrete, screed terrazzo, granite and marble to wood grinding.Polishing pucks and pads help achieve ultimate shine and longevity for your concrete floor.

Diamond abrasive brushes are made of high-quality synthetic filaments completely embedded with abrasive grit, which are anchored tightly in a polypropylene brush body. Diamond abrasive brushes is used for granite,marble,travertine,glass,concrete,sandstone ect, we manufacture the brush by using the materials like high quality stainless steel wire, special silicon carbide nylon wire and diamond brush bristle, it is economical and durable.

Small Diameter Diamond Saw Blades are used on hand held circular saws and right angle grinders. Laser welded for strength, these diamond blades provide fast free cutting in a wide range of masonry materials such as concrete, brick, block, marble, softer granite, stone, quarry tile and ceramic tile. small diamter diamond saw blades may be used wet or dry.This small diameter diamond saw blades is built for longevity.

Bush Hammer Super power prep tools. Used for marble, limestone, concrete, precast concrete and all types of non-abrasive materials. Concrete dust does not seep into the assemblies to create non-slip finishes, they are also ideal for removing coatings. So as to maximize the service life!

Scanmaskin is a versatile and powerful machine that can remove different types of flooring. Scanmaskin offers a range of grinding equipment to simplify your grinding process. Examples include grinding concrete surfaces, removing paint lines and removing hard coatings. This makes it easier for you to select tools.

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