Bush Hammer Rollers

Bush Hammer is an ultra strong preparation tools for handheld grinders and some heavy grinding machines. Bush Hammer rollers is designed to pulverize concrete surfaces so that they are quickly and easily fully exposed to aggregate. It’s also great for removing coatings. The tip while using is not to exert excessive pressure on the sleeve hammer. This will prevent the roller bearing from working properly and reduce the service life of tungsten steel.

230mm HTC Bush Hammer Plate for Stone Grinding BH-09

230mm HTC Bush Hammer Plate for Stone Grinding BH-09

230mm type bush hammer BH-09 is for HTC grinder which could be used to create rough or anti-slip finishes and to remove or level floor surface.

25mm bush hammer plate for hand used grinder bh-08

5”/125mm Bush Hammer Plate for Hand Used Grinder BH-08

BH-08 is 5”/125mm with 3 pieces 30 grains rollers, M14 or 5/8-11 thread are available to suit different market.

diamatic type bush hammer plate for thin coating removal bh-07

Diamatic Type Bush Hammer Plate for Thin Coating Removal BH-07

The bush hammer tools could be used for making profile and anti-slip surface in various stones and concrete.

htc bush hammer tools for remove thin coatings bh-06

HTC Bush Hammer Tools for Remove Thin Coatings BH-06

The roller of HTC bush hammer tools for remove thin coatings BH-06 has 30 grains which is special designed for HTC quick change plate.

lavina bush hammer tools for concrete profile bh-05

Lavina Bush Hammer Tools for Concrete Profile BH-05

Bush hammer tools are special designed for grinding and profiling the concrete surfaces .

bush hammer rollers for sti_premaster grinding machine bh-04

Bush Hammer Rollers for STI/Premaster Grinding Machine BH-04

Bush Hammer rollers for STI/Premaster grinding machine BH-04 is the bush hammer tools with ultra aggressive function for the Husqvarna grinder.

bush hammer rollers with 100 grains to create anti-slip floor bh-03

Bush Hammer Rollers with 100 Grains to Create Anti-slip Floor BH-03

Our bush hammer plate HB-03 has 100 grains which is much aggressive than regular 45 grains type.