HTC-floorsystems is a company with headquarter located in Sweden. The Swedish office is the headquarter and holds our central functions. Their grinding machine are used and approval by the customers all over the world. The grinding machines are developing in a wide range of size and versions per customer’s needs. several different sizes and versions depending on your needs and demands.The equipment covering everything from high speed grinding to heavy grinding, edge grinding to grinding open region. The HTC products help you process the polishing work with the best result and low cost.

key segment concrete polishing pads for htc grinder hd-11

Key Segment Concrete Polishing Pads for HTC Grinder HD-11

Concrete Polishing pads are designed to have an extended life for concretes rough surfaces.

htc diamond abrasive tooling for polishing concrete, terrazzo hd-09

HTC Diamond Abrasive Tooling for Polishing Concrete, Terrazzo HD-09

The HTC polishing pads HD-09 has single rhombus segment, it’s suitable for small grinder working in balcony or corridor etc..

htc diamond grinding shoes for floor polishing hd-08

HTC Diamond Grinding Shoes for Floor Polishing HD-08

The HTC polishing pads HP-08 owned 3 8mm thickness segment with durable lifespan.

htc diamond grinding tools for hard concrete abrasive hd-07

HTC Diamond Grinding Tools for Hard Concrete Abrasive HD-07

The 6 pieces rhombus segments provide aggressive grinding, they are efficient to cut the dirt or thin glue as well.

htc floor system tools for diamond grinding hd-05

HTC Floor System Tools for Diamond Grinding HD-05

HTC floor system tools for diamond grinding HD-05 are solid, metal bonded tools which is suitable for heavy HTC grinding machine.

htc concrete floor polishing pads with hexagonal segment hd-04

HTC Concrete Floor Polishing Pads with Hexagonal Segment HD-04

Polishing concrete makes the floor surface to even and high shine, the small cracking or imperfections could be repair in the finished surface.

htc premium floor system diamond tools hd-02

HTC Premium Floor System Diamond Tools HD-02

Dry polish method is widely used in the concrete preparation with heavy grinders.

HTC super series floor system HP-01

HTC Super Series Floor System HP-01

HTC series come in a variety of segment styles and grit available. Some are created for general use while others are designed for specific applications.