Terrco Inc. established on 1926 which is one of the oldest concrete grinding companies in the world. Located in USA, they have search and developed a large scale of rugged and aggresive grinding machines for the floor market. Unlike other grinding companies, Terrco starts from terrazzo industry and dedicate to the surface preparation. After decades developing, they have excellent equipment to grinding the terrazzo, concrete, stone and coating removal.

terrco metal grinding disc for aggressively remove coatings tg-06

Terrco Metal Grinding Disc for aggressively remove coatings TG-06

Different grits and sequences of the concrete polishing process will create a huge difference in the final surface.

terrco super abrasive diamond tools for concrete polishing td-05

Terrco Super Abrasive Diamond Tools for Concrete Polishing TD-05

The step of concrete preparation before polishing contains determine concrete hardness,clean and fill the joints.

terrco diamond abrasive tooling for concrete polishing td-04

Terrco Diamond Abrasive Tooling for Concrete Polishing TD-04

This Terrco diamond abrasive tooling for concrete polishing TD-04 are welding 5 arrow segment to fit the Terrco grinding machine.

terrco metal grinding pucks for floor preparation td-03

Terrco Metal Grinding Pucks for Floor Preparation TD-03

We have set an entirely standard of diamond tools for reliable, precise and cooperate with the grinding machine.

terrco beveled edge grinding shoes for concrete polishing td-01

Terrco Beveled Edge Grinding Shoes for Concrete Polishing TD-01

This Terrco beveled edge shoe is an innovative grinding solution for concrete floor needs.

Husqvarna Gridning Tools with Double Bar Segment for Floor Abrasive HM-03

Metal Bond Concrete Grinding Disc for Terrco Grinder TG-02

This Terrco concrete grinding discs are designed to use in wet method to large, open-access floor.