Substrate Technology, Inc. was established 30 years ago specialized in the commercial and industry floor preparation industry. They redesigned the existing equipment and diamond tools in the world and committed to developing the technology of floor coating industry to raise efficiency and lower the cost per square foot.

premaster diamond grinding discs for floor preparation sg-06

Premaster Diamond Grinding Discs for Floor Preparation SG-06

This 3 inch pads Premaster diamond grinding discs for floor preparation SG-06 with double pins can easily slide in and out of the Premaster grinding plate without any bolts or screws.

premaster metal grinding tools for polished concrete sg-05

Premaster Metal Grinding Tools for Polished Concrete SG-05

We offer high-quality diamond materials to ensure the tool’s durability and efficient which attract more and more polished concrete clients over the world choose us to be the primary supplier.

sti diamond tools for grinding extremely hard concrete sg-04

STI Diamond Tools for grinding extremely hard concrete SG-04

The process of polishing is able to improve driving surface texture and create a clean, smooth concrete surface.

sti concrete polishing tooling for floor preparation sg-03

STI Concrete Polishing Tooling for Floor Preparation SG-03

STI concrete polishing tooling for floor preparation SG-03 is concrete tooling designed for Substrate Technology grinder.

diamond grinding disc with double bar segment for premaster machine sg-02

Diamond Grinding Disc with Double Bar Segment for Premaster Machine SG-02

We have developed a high efficient and mature system of STI/Premaster for refinishing concrete, marble/granite and terrazzo.

premaster double diamond segment for open uncoated coatings SG-01

Premaster Double Diamond Segment for Open Uncoated Coatings SG-01

Diamond grinding offers an extensive range service for commercial and industry facilities.