Scanmaskin has a variety of floor grinders for all types of work.Here you can find grinding tools suitable for any floor condition like concrete, terrazzo, marble, granite etc.. We offer all types of grinding tools with different sizes and hardness for prepare and polishing the floor surfaces, remove paint and epoxy coatings, marking and rubber with the highest quality.

new type trapezoid metal grinding disc for scanmaskin grinder sg-04

New Type Trapezoid Metal Grinding Disc for Scanmaskin Grinder SG-04

Item SG-04 has high strength and excellent wear resistance to provide high grinding efficiency and less heat in the grinding process.

scanmaskin grinding shoes for coarse grinding sg-03

Scanmaskin Grinding Shoes for Coarse Grinding SG-03

Our Scanmaskin system diamonds have been developed a wide range for all types of work.

scanmaskin pcd diamonds for coating remove sg-02

Scanmaskin PCD Diamonds for Coating Remove SG-02

PCD tools are direction-specific, we need to know the direction of your grinding plate rotate.

scanmaskin floor grinding shoes for floor grinding sg-01

Scanmaskin Floor Grinding Shoes for Floor Grinding SG-01

The Scamaskin diamonds SG-01 is an ideal grinding and finishing disc with innovative shape design and formula.