Terrco Super Abrasive Diamond Tools for Concrete Polishing TD-05

Project Description

Terrco Super Abrasive Diamond Tools for Concrete Polishing TD-05

The step of concrete preparation before polishing contains determine concrete hardness, clean the concrete surface, repair chips, cracks, clean and fill the joints. The diamond tooling in low grit will have accessories to help these processes.

Concrete owns various elements of different hardness and densities that are different from region to region. It’s imperative to choose correct bond on its corresponding concrete hardness type to get maximum working life and efficient, otherwise the grinding segments will fail to cut or have very low life.

It’s recommended to use a scratch test kit based on the Mohs scale to determine the concrete hardness.

We could choose the bond with grit after that. Below are the metal bond corresponding hardness of concrete table for your reference.

Metal Bond Series

Concrete Hardness


Hard bond

Soft concrete

under 2500 psi, Mohs Scale 2-3

Medium bond

Medium concrete

between 2500 and 4000 psi, Mohs Scale 3-5

Soft bond

Hard concrete

between 4000 and 5500 psi, Mohs Scale 5-7

Extra soft bond

Extra hard concrete

over 5500 psi, Mohs Scale 7-8

Grit contains #6, #16, #30/40, #60/80, #120, #150.

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