Scanmaskin Floor Grinding Shoes for Floor Grinding SG-01

Project Description

Scanmaskin Floor Grinding Shoes for Floor Grinding SG-01

We are dedicated to manufacture the diamond grinding systems for Scanmaskin, HTC, Husqvarna, Terrco, Lavina, EDCO etc., the wide range of diamond tooling system could be adapted to most of the brand grinding machines in the world.

The Scamaskin diamonds SG-01 is an ideal grinding and finishing disc with innovative shape design and formula. It helps grinders to increased productivity and a high-quality finish. The double hexagon segments with 13mm thickness are able to open the uncoated floor with heavy machine.

A state-of-the-art diamond grinder with high quality diamond tools are the key to grinding the concrete.

With grit #6, #16, #30/40, #60/80, #120, #150 with soft, medium, hard bond available.

For best results and optimal life, we also need to inspect the concrete and know the hardness of them. Different hardness request different bond to avoid heat up.

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