STI Concrete Polishing Tooling for Floor Preparation SG-03

Project Description

STI Concrete Polishing Tooling for Floor Preparation SG-03

STI concrete polishing tooling for floor preparation SG-03 is concrete tooling designed for Substrate Technology grinder no matter which type concrete you need to polish, from the finest polishing to rough profile on uncoated concrete, we have high to heavy-duty grit to meet it. As the open steps on coarse surface, it will create relative smooth coating without much metal scratches.

It has grit 6, 16, 30/40, 60/80, 120, 150 with soft, medium, hard bond are available.

To determine the correct bond for a specific concrete, a Mohs Scratch Test kit to confirm the hardness of the concrete is necessary.

Wet and dry usage are workable for grinding different floor including concrete, marble, terrazzo etc.

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