SASE Concrete Grinding Shoes for Concrete Polishing DT-08

Project Description

SASE Concrete Grinding Shoes for Concrete Polishing DT-08

Diamond grinding enhances surface texture and friction of concrete, leaves a smooth, shine profile for thin-mil coating or sealer concrete and without deleterious effect, the coarse aggregate won’t affect the floor durability and leave any deleterious contaminants.

This Z segment trapezoid grinding disc DT-08 is designed for SASE grinder, special designed Z segment is ideal for rapid grinding all types of concrete, marble, granite, terrazzo and other hard abrasive surfaces, offer 30% sharper working speed.

Grit #6, #16, #30/40, #60/80, #120, #150 are available for the concrete polishing.

Below are compressed strength concrete slabs for your reference. We have SSSSSS, SSSS, SS,S, M, H, HH, HHHH, HHHHHH bond available for different hardness.

Metal Bond Series

Concrete Hardness


Hard bond

Soft concrete

under 2500 psi, Mohs Scale 2-3

Medium bond

Medium concrete

between 2500 and 4000 psi, Mohs Scale 3-5

Soft bond

Hard concrete

between 4000 and 5500 psi, Mohs Scale 5-7

Extra soft bond

Extra hard concrete

over 5500 psi, Mohs Scale 7-8

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about them. Thank you!

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