Husqvarna Floor Abrasive Polishing Tools with Hexagonal Segment HM-09

Project Description

Husqvarna Floor Abrasive Polishing Tools with Hexagonal Segment HM-09

Wet polishing is applied with water, the dust will be captured in the concrete instead of the air. The advantage of this wet polishing including shorter operating time, less cost, could use the propane-fueled grinders which are more friendly for environment, dust free process to avoid the dust pollution. The grinding tools for this method have the same grit and bond, however the final polishing effect has a low luster than dry polishing method.

Beverage/food and warehouse facilities normally use a dust-free condition to polishing, so the wet polish method is required.

This Husqvarna concrete grinding discs HM-09 can be used in wet method to large, open-access floor. It is 13mm segment height, the redi lock design could assemble or disassemble to the plate quickly. Extra soft, soft, medium, hard and extra hard bond are suitable for all kinds of concrete hardness.

Grits available in:







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