Werkmaster Single Round Segment Diamond Tooling WM-05

Project Description

Werkmaster Single Round Segment Diamond Tooling WM-05

The Werkmaster WG-05 is a traditional tool which is designed to grind the uneven and rough surfaces. It is laser welded with a 25*12.5mm segment height to offer a supreme life expectancy. The extra soft bond tool could be used for cut the extra old concrete or any hard troweled concrete cap, it will significantly increase productivity and ensures segment stay open and high efficiency.

It allows fast cutting speeds in the smaller Werkmaster machine. The grit 6 mixed with the highest grade synthetic diamonds will be aggressive to open the concrete floor.

The grit of this item include #6, #16, #30/40, #60/80, #120, #150 etc.

For best results and optimal life, we also need to inspect the concrete and know the hardness of them. Different hardness request different bond to avoid heat up.

Please note that the floors must need to clean 100% without any bolts or other small objects, it is to prevent damage to our grinding tools, machine and floor.

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