diamatic concrete grinding shoes for concrete polishing dm-04

Diamatic Concrete Grinding Shoes for Concrete Polishing DM-04

This diamond tool item DM-04 is suitable for light Diamatic grinder to work in high speed rotation. Sharper and fine polishing effect.

25mm bush hammer plate for hand used grinder bh-08

5”/125mm Bush Hammer Plate for Hand Used Grinder BH-08

BH-08 is 5”/125mm with 3 pieces 30 grains rollers, M14 or 5/8-11 thread are available to suit different market.

arrow segment diamond cup grinding wheels for concrete cw-02

Arrow Segment Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels for Concrete CW-02

Arrow segment diamond cup grinding wheel CW-02 is designed for rapid removal of thin layers, glues and adhesives, this small arrowhead segment is ideal for concrete floor preparation.

lavina x series grinder metal tooling for concrete polishing lm-09

Lavina X Series Grinder Metal Tooling for Concrete Polishing LM-09

We offer extra soft, soft, medium, hard, extra hard bond available for different hardness of concrete.

3”80mm resin bond diamond tools for concrete polishing rp-06

3”/80mm Resin Bond Diamond Tools for Concrete Polishing RP-06

The diamond velcro backed polishing puck RP-06 is special designed for small polishing machine for high speed polishing.

htc diamond abrasive tooling for polishing concrete, terrazzo hd-09

HTC Diamond Abrasive Tooling for Polishing Concrete, Terrazzo HD-09

The HTC polishing pads HD-09 has single rhombus segment, it’s suitable for small grinder working in balcony or corridor etc..

diamatic type bush hammer plate for thin coating removal bh-07

Diamatic Type Bush Hammer Plate for Thin Coating Removal BH-07

The bush hammer tools could be used for making profile and anti-slip surface in various stones and concrete.

husqvarna floor abrasive polishing tools with hexagonal segment hm-09

Husqvarna Floor Abrasive Polishing Tools with Hexagonal Segment HM-09

This Husqvarna concrete grinding discs HM-09 can be used in wet method to large, open-access floor.

diamond segmented saw blades for concrete cutting dc-04

Diamond Segmented Saw Blades for Concrete Cutting DC-04

Our sintered segmented cutting blades DC-04 features a laminated center body.

terrco metal grinding disc for aggressively remove coatings tg-06

Terrco Metal Grinding Disc for aggressively remove coatings TG-06

Different grits and sequences of the concrete polishing process will create a huge difference in the final surface.